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Kura-cooking is taking Corona Virus measures, so that people who visit can have peace of mind. For more details, please click here.


Yuko Asano
Kura cooking
Yuko Asano

I hold traditional Japanese cooking classes, Japanese tea ceremony classes and afternoon tea classes. How about cooking Japanese food at a Japanese home? You can make Japanese food easily with products in your country. Wouldn't it be lovely if you could cook "Washoku" Japanese food after YOUR trip? You could surprise your friends and family!

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Kura-cooking is in Iwakura City, Aichi prefecture. It takes about 10~20minutes by Meitetsu Inuyama Line to Iwakura station from Nagoya station, and 40minutes by Meitetsu Express from Chubu Airport.Pick-up service is also available from Iwakura station. It takes only 4 minutes by car from the station to my house.

Experience program

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I can tailor-make classes for you. Please feel free to ask about them.

  • 赤ちゃんと料理をする様子

    I want to attend classes with a baby. I want to know how to make dishes for a baby from adult's dishes.

  • ビーガン向けメニュー

    Vegans and vegetarians are also welcome. Please tell me what you can't eat.

  • 女子会の様子

    Private party, tea party, morning party and so on is available.

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April:Class is closed due to the spread of coronavirus.

May:Class is closed due to the declaration of the state of emergency

Media information

On April 7th 2018, Kura-cooking was broadcasted on CBC T.V. program "Hanasaka times".

Azusa Babazono who is a comedian "Asian" and Naomi Watanabe who is an entertainer came to Kura-cooking and they had a cooking lesson.

These are dishes which were cooked by Azusa Babazono and Naomi Watanabe. They made "Steamed fish with Sakura leaf", "Spring cabbage with salty cherry-blossoms", "Sakura sushi wrapped in fried bean curd", "Sakura soup", "Sakura Japanese steamed cake".

There are recipes on my website 「kura-cooking」 Please try them!


Kura-cooking has been published in a book. "Recent information is available for 2020"

Let's learn how to make Japanese dishes in 100 years old renovated warehouse “Kura”

A master who knows both Japanese and English food and culture gives you a special Taylor-made menu.

Kura-cooking isn't normal cooking school as people know. You can enjoy a special atmosphere and. It is actually good for the body and mind.

Kura-cooking is held in a 100 years old renovated warehouse. There is a nice garden around the cooking environment, so students enjoy seasonal scenery through the windows.

There is also vegetable garden so it's possible for students to cook with vegetable they harvested from the garden. It is all organic.

The teacher is Yuko Asano who is the master of Japanese cooking and she also gives lesson in English.

There are varieties of experienced programs, “Let's make Japanese dishes”,”Let's enjoy Japanese dishes”,”Let's enjoy Japanese tea ceremony”,“Let's make Japanese sweets” and so on.

It's the reason why many foreign students come to Kura-cooking.

Mrs. Asano lived in England and learn about English tea, sweets, and dishes so she knows the English culture very much. Therefore there are some English afternoon tea programs in Kura-cooking.

During afternoon tea classes, we cook special combination recipes in English and Japanese. You can make Japanese style sandwiches, scones, and cakes. Every dish is well arranged. You eat sweets with 2 kinds of seasonal tea while looking at a Japanese garden.

You are sure that you choose Kura-cooking to learn how to make Japanese dishes and afternoon tea dishes.In addition, she teaches Taylor-made cooking classes the students demand. It is also one reason why a lot of students come to Kura

There are many programs for vegans, mums with babies, and people who have some allergies. So if you have troubles with food and cooking, she is always ready to help you.

If students want to make special dishes, she can teach them.

The other day, a student harvested a lot of apples, so he wanted to learn how to make dishes with apples. She taught him 7 kinds of apple dishes.

Those dishes are all simple so anyone can make them at home by themselves.

Japanese cooking is a world cultural heritage, so the teacher also teaches Japanese culture through Japanese cooking.

Kura-cooking has a friendly atmosphere with a very kind teacher.

Why not pay a visit and discover the beauty and attraction for yourself?

A healthy body and mind is built on a rich nutrition.

books - This is the attention information 2020

KURA cooking has been published in the magazine "mr partner".

Quoted from the October 2019 mr partner issue

Proposing a new way of life by understanding both the Japanese and the UK cooking styles.

"Kura-cooking" is a cooking studio. Yuko Asano who is a cooking expert teaches how to make Japanese dishes and cakes, Japanese tea ceremony, and English afternoon tea. She also teaches Japanese culture. So many students come to Kura not only from Japan but from many foreign countries.In afternoon tea classes, students learn how to make scones and seasonal cakes and how to pour English tea.Scones are really unique, cherry blossoms, mugwort, Japanese pepper, tofu residue, and so on are used.Students enjoy a few kinds of English tea, herb tea or Chinese tea in the classes.Yuko Asano has a lot of knowledge about Chinese medical cooking, dietary education, and so on.She hopes every student think about good food for a healthy life and Kura can become a communication space for many people.


KURA cooking has been published in the magazine "HERS".

Quoted from the May 2019 HERS issue

Let's make healthy and delicious Japanese dishes in a 100 years old Japanese style building "Kura" which is now renovated. You can cook Japanese dishes in a Japanese atmosphere! The teacher is a missionary who is teaching new cooking skills from her most cherished traditional Japanese cooking knowledge. She teaches how to make Japanese dishes in easy and new way. You can learn some events cooking recipes like Cherry blossom viewing event, Children festival event and many other events.Please contact her from HP.


KURA cooking has been published in the newspaper.

Quoted from April 4, 2018 Mainichi Newspaper Evening edition

Cooking school for foreigners in Kura

Kura is a Japanese old style shed. 100 years old Kura was renovated for school.

Mrs. Asano lived in England 20 years ago with her husband for work. In England, she learned about English tea and sweets. It was a good experience for her. 5 years ago, she renovated Kura from a shed to a kitchen and a living room. Then she started the cooking school for foreigners.

English literature was her major in the university, so she is good at English.

When she came back to Japan from England she opened an English school for kids. Then she opened a cooking school.

She can explain everything about Japanese cooking and Japanese culture to students in English.

She always use seasonal ingredients from her garden, and teach her students “Importance of eating seasonal ingredients” She grows a lot of vegetables in her garden with her husband. So all vegetables are really fresh and tasty. She doesn't only teach them basic and traditional Japanese dishes but she also shows them how to make Japanese dishes by seasoning and ingredients from their countries. For example, making miso soup with bacon broth, making vegetable dressing with mustard instead of wasabi, making dishes with tomato paste instead of miso, and so on. She sometimes changes the seasoning depending on where her students come from. So foreigners can make Japanese dishes in their countries easily. They sometimes send some photos of Japanese dishes they made in their home countries to her.

She also gives the cooking lessons in English as a treat to kids who come to English school. They like making dishes and eating them.

Mrs. Asano said, "Eating is a good way to tell about language and culture".


Kura cooking brochures are now available! (PDF 2.8MB)

I would be grateful if you could introduce Kura-cooking to others.

For beginners

I love Japan, Japanese culture, Japanese gardens, Japanese traditional architecture, and so on...

I would like to introduce you to many aspects of Japan, but I have decided to start with Japanese food.

When I travel around the world, I find it exciting to eat and get acquainted with traditional and famous dishes of other countries.

When I go to foreign countries, I of course go to supermarkets to see what is used in the country's dishes.After my trip, I cook the dishes I learned about on the trip.

Wouldn't it be lovely if you could cook "Washoku" Japanese food after YOUR trip? You could surprise your friends and family.

Wouldn't it be lovely if you could serve Japanese dishes to your Japanese friends? (omotenashi) So, how about cooking Japanese food at a Japanese home?

You can find many differences between your house and my house.You will enjoy a unique atmosphere here.

You can make Japanese food easily with products in your country.

You can cook Japanese dishes for your friends in your country after you learn about Japanese dishes at my house.

This class is held at a private home, so the address and telephone number do not appear on this website. I will give them only to people who will come to my house directly. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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