I thought I was walking into a ham and sausage store.
But I was asked “How many people are there in your party?”
Am I the only one who was puzzled for a moment?
They prepared about 10 kinds of samples for each of us!

The first thing that catches your eye was a lot of white objects hanging from the ceiling.

They are dried sausages that has been wrapped in white mold and aged!
This is the store of a French-trained chef in Hida Takayama!
The meaning of “Curnontue” is “May I knock you out with something delicious?
As you can see, every dish looks delicious!
That’s because they are!

He returned to Japan after three years of training in Morteau in the Jura Mountains of France. He searched for a place with a climate similar to that of France and ended up in Hida Takayama, surrounded by beautiful water and air, where he opened his shop.

They use water from the well they dug, and use Kagoshima black pork raised on natural feed (grains, sweet potatoes, and squeezed lees of Shouchu) in their food products!

The meat’s flavor is brought out in the quiet flow of time to produce a smoky, fragrant product!

Remembering the taste of the samples, I hesitated, but in the end, I purchased plenty of them without regret!

I look forward to the moment of bliss when I get home and eat them

I wish many people knew about this wonderful sausage shop.