Experience Program

I prepare 5 experience courses. I also tailor-make courses for you. Please feel free to contact us for reservations.

1. Let's make Japanese dishes and eat them.

You can make tasty and healthy Japanese dishes. You will use seasonal vegetables, fish, and meats. The menu consists of one soup and three dishes, which is typical well-balanced Japanese meal. You will also make a Japanese dessert.

*Time:3 hours Price:¥6000


2. Cooking for Large Groups

We can accommodate cooking classes for up to 26 people. We can also accommodate foreign tour groups, so please feel free to contact us if you are a tour conductor. We can accommodate menu requests. If you have any restrictions on what you can eat due to religious reasons, veganism, food allergies, etc., We can prepare original recipes for you.

In addition to making Japanese food, you will surely enjoy strolling through the Japanese gardens, touring the Japanese houses, and looking at antiques. Once you learn how to make simple Japanese food, you will be able to make it yourself even after your trip is over. It will surely be a wonderful memory.

*Time required: 3 hours Price:¥6000


3. Let's enjoy Japanese tea ceremony

You will make Japanese Maccha by yourselves. Probably you will like it with Japanese sweets.

*Time:1hour Price:¥4000


4. Let's make Japanese sweets

Japanese sweets are really healthy and making Japanese sweet is also simple. You can also learn Japanese tea ceremony in this class.

*Time:2hours Price:¥5000


5. Afternoon tea class

I love England. I lived in England for 5 years and I learned a lot in their way of living.

I was especially fond of the English tea and cakes which I now blend in the afternoon tea classes.

In Kura-cooking, I hold the afternoon tea classes every month. Students can make 2 kinds of cakes and 2 kinds of sandwiches. They also enjoy drinking 2 kinds of tea.

*Time:3hours Price:¥5000


6. Reviews

Please take a look at many experiences photos and questionnaires.

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