A happy inquiry

We received an inquiry by e-mail from a person who came across “Kura Cooking” while searching for Roselle.

“Please come and visit us,” and “Please try Roselle harvesting in the fall.

I replied lightly.

Yes, that’s right. I had no idea where she lived by e-mail, did I?

She was from Chiba.

Where is the location of Kura Cooking?” She asked me.

I answered, “Iwakura.

She replied, “I don’t go to Kyoto very often these days.


I see~ She must have thought I was in Iwakura, Kyoto.

And so it went.

I decided to send her roselle in syrup, salt, malted rice, and butterfly pea tea.

I also included a few roselle seeds.

I was so excited when I was packing!

I am truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity.