Kura Cooking are introduced

Kura Cooking are introduced by Meitetsu Kanko Service’s Aichi Prefecture project “Overseas Promotion Project (Europe, America, Australia).

The participants visited various places in Aichi Prefecture, such as Arimatsu (Arimatsu shibori), Okazaki (Hatcho miso), Nishio (matcha green tea), Minamichita Onsen, Handa (Mitsukan vinegar), Kunisakari (sake), Seto (Setomono), Nikko style Nagoya and Inuyama, and cooked dishes using the seasonings they bought or made in the various places in Kura Kura cooing. The tour is designed to be served on Seto ceramic plates and dined on tablecloths decorated with Arimatsu shibori.

Here are the details.

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A Culinary Tour of Aichi Prefecture(English)
Une tournée culinaire de la préfecture de Aichi(French)