Kura cooking in 2022.4

In April, we enjoyed cooking while looking at the fresh greenery that was bright in our eyes.

The welcome drink was quince honey, as it is the season when many people feel sore throats and itching in the midst of the temperature difference. And the decoration of the room is a Samurai helmet for boy’s festival.

At this time of the year when we still want you to detoxify your body, we tasted spring cabbage, fresh onion, Japanese butterbur, chives, etc.

For the Japanese meal, we used Koinobori (carp streamers) as chopstick rests. We hope you will make this dish for Boy’s Festival as well. We combined main dishes that would satisfy even men and elegant small dishes.

Spring cabbage and pork with miso sauce, boiled broccoli and sweet summer orange, Butterbur with tofu paste, soba noodles with chives sauce, fresh onion soup, and Domyoji Uguisu rice cake

The abundance of vegetables makes you full, but it is refreshing and comforting.

The chives sauce goes well not only with soba, but also with meat, fish, and tofu. I am sure everyone will be making it soon.

Domyoji Uguisumochi is a beautifully colored Japanese cake. The filling is strawberry bean paste. This is the first time I made strawberry bean paste and put it in. Everyone enjoyed the slight aroma of strawberry.

The theme of the afternoon tea class was also spring detox.

Bamboo shoot scones, rice flour sweet summer cake, English-style pancakes, and cabbage sandwiches.

Bamboo shoot scones were served with mascarpone cheese. The flavor of bamboo shoots was very spring-like. The English-style pancakes were served with a special lemon sauce, just like Shrove Tuesday, and had a completely different flavor from the Japanese pancakes. The sandwiches were served with coleslaw made with plenty of cabbage.

The black tea was Kashkash with the aroma of various kinds of fruit and Linton’s milk tea from England.

Drinking Linton’s milk tea makes me feel as if I am in England and makes me happy.

I would like to enjoy an afternoon tea with everyone in the UK someday.

Kura cooking in May and June

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Let’s enjoy afternoon tea!

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