Kura Cooking in 2022.3


In March, miso and kimchi making were added to our regular lessons, and many students attended the classes.

For the welcome tea, we prepared home-made lemon koji drink made from lemons in my garden. Everyone enjoyed the refreshing lemon aroma and the mellow taste of the koji.

Spring ornaments were Sakura and Easter eggs.

Regular Japanese cooking lesson was Sakura plate:

Steamed white fish with cherry blossoms, Coleslaw with spring cabbage, Stir-fried fresh seaweed and ginger, Avocado and cherry blossom soup, Octopus rice, and Cherry blossom flavored beans paste rice cake.

We used a lot of marinated cherry blossoms in all recipes.

Cherry Blossom Afternoon Tea Lesson:

Cherry leaves scone, Cherry blossom flavored bean paste cake, Rape blossoms sandwich, Dried baby shrimp focaccia

Tea in March was Citrus green tea and cherry blossom flavored rooibos tea.

There was also an afternoon tea class that blended Japanese and Western cuisine.

I used the Shokado lunch boxes for afternoon tea dishes. It was really good idea.

Students enjoyed making kimchi and Miso. Everyone put a lot of love into making them!

We continue to offer small-group cooking classes in Covid- 19. Everyone who comes to our classes is able to relax and enjoy a leisurely time.

If you are tired and want to cook healthy dishes, please come and join us.

Schedule in April and May

Let’s enjoy Japanese cooking!

April/9 (Sat), 21 (Thu), 25 (Mon), 26 (Tue), 27 (Wed)

May/17 (Tue), 20 (Fri), 23 (Mon), 24 (Tue), 26 (Thu), 30 (Mon)

Let’s enjoy afternoon tea!

Apr/13 (Wed), 19 (Tue), 22 (Fri)

May 18 (Wed), 25 (Wed), 28 (Fri), 31 (Mon)

Private lesson is available. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Reservations are now open. We are looking forward to hearing from you.