Kura cooking in May

The coronavirus has calmed down a bit this Golden Week.

We also welcomed students from Germany and Sweden to Kura cooking.

The welcome drink for May was a strawberry drink made with strawberries from our fields.

We enjoyed the combination of the sweet aroma and sour taste of strawberries.

The student from Germany said that she had time during the Golden Week.

She attended a class on making Japanese sweets by herself and then invited her friends to join the class on Japanese dishes.

She made Japanese sweets very well.


The class that she enjoyed with her friend was the Request Cooking.

They chose Chinese dumplings in Japanese style, fried tofu, spring vegetables salad, three-color rice bowl, miso soup, and green tea Uiro. They enjoyed making Japanese dishes.

They liked the miso for the miso soup and bought Kura Cooking’s original miso.

In fact, Kura Cooking’s miso is a big hit with our students and friends overseas!

One of our students who loves fishing brought a cute fish he caught himself to the class.


He also made Chinese dumplings in Japanese style, which he had wanted to do for a long time.

He enjoyed making Chinese dumplings, deep-fried tofu, spring cabbage salad, tempura, Japanese parsley rice, onion soup, and marmalade cake

The fish we caught were fried in oil.

The regular class enjoyed Mexican cooking as this month is the month of world cuisines.

Garlic Shrimp, Mexican Salad, Mexican Soup, Chili Con Carne, and Bulgogi Burrito, and Mexican cookies.


Everyone had never cooked Mexican food before, and all classes were friendly, with everyone enjoying making burrito crusts and being impressed by the angel prawns.

In the afternoon tea class

We baked scones using oatmeal, which has been on everyone’s mind lately!


The oatmeal scones were dipped in Kura’s special soy milk jam.


In the afternoon tea class, we also made Mexican cookies instead of shortbread cookies and burritos instead of sandwiches.

These were also very popular and everyone seems to be making them at home.

This month’s tea was Nilgiri First Flush. Many people said that this tea was easier to drink with less bitterness than Darjeeling First Flush. The other tea was Roze Royale. The guests enjoyed the aroma of roses.

Also, for the first time this month, we held a class on pickled rakkyo.

We are looking forward to the next month which is ready to eat rakkyo.


Thank you very much for your participation. We hope that the recipes from Kura Cooking will bring happiness to many people.

Kura cooking in June and July

Let’s enjoy Japanese cooking

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Let’s enjoy afternoon tea!

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July 13 (Wed), 19 (Tue), 20 (Wed), 23 (Sat)

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