Kura cooking in February

In February, every student enjoyed cooking while looking at the plum blossoms through the classroom window.

I found this Minton teacup when I was cleaning up for the renovation of our house.

We used it to drink welcome tea. This month it was black bean milk tea. It was very popular.

This month, in addition to the usual class, miso making class was held. After making miso, we cooked Japanese cooking class or afternoon tea class. Everyone cooks very quick and can do it without any problem.

We made Japanese dishes for Girls’ festival. We enjoyed it with a feeling of spring. 


Japanese baked dumplings, pickled red and white turnip and kumquat, taro and rape blossoms salad, walnut rice, clam steamed egg custard, and brown fermented rice peach pudding

The steamed egg custard made with very large clams was excellent, the broth was so good!

The brown fermented rice peach pudding was really beautiful.

All of the ingredients are gentle to the body, so it was as if I could hear my body’s joyful voice.

The afternoon tea class was for Girls’ Festival.

Brown fermented rice scone, apple chocolate cake, sweet red beans toast, hot cod roe focaccia

I chose these 2 kinds of tea for Girls’ festival afternoon tea class.

The Earl Grey tea “Tiger Vigilantism” is peach flavor and Rooibos tea “Adagio” with lemongrass.

The Tiger Vigilant is a tea that can also be enjoyed as a milk tea, while Adagio is a very light and easy to drink tea.

In the request cooking class, we also had a lesson for those who wanted to make a dessert using apples they had harvested themselves as a thank-you gift for those who had helped them.

I was glad that the student enjoyed making, eating, and wrapping.

Kura Cooking is very good at this kind of request cooking.

If you have trouble with your daily cooking, if you want to cook for entertaining, or if you want to know the menu of the season…

Please contact to Kura Cooking.