Kura cooking in September


It was very hot this September.

As a result, the body has been under more strain than usual. Also, our lungs are starting to feel dry. More and more people are complaining of irritated throats and coughs.

At this month’s Kura Cooking, we served a welcome drink of quince honey made from last year’s quince harvest at Stan Farm. It’s amazing how a sip of the quince drink clears your throat.

This month we used a variety of ingredients to prevent the body from drying out.

White cloud ear, pear, lily bulbs, ginger, sesame

Horse mackerel and Japanese spinach, Grilled lotus root with sesame, Grilled fish paste with hot cod raw, Cooked rice with lily bulb and baby sardine、soup of winter melon and mozuku seaweed, white cloud ear and pear in syrup

Everyone’s blood circulation was getting better and better as they ate, and their complexion was getting better.

Instead of “rice cooked with lily bulb and baby sardines”, we had “buckwheat seed porridge”.

Buckwheat seeds are not only rich in dietary fiber, but also contain rutin, which improves blood vessels, and resistant protein, which reduces the absorption of fat, making it very effective for weight loss.

This month, an American living in Japan joined us. She was worried about the many ingredients she was allergic to.

However, thanks to the careful planning beforehand, we were able to create a class that made her very happy.

Teriyaki Chicken, Sweet Potato, Ball shaped Sushi, Moon soup, Brown Sugar Uiro

“I received the highest compliment, “I will make all of these for my mother in America.

In the afternoon tea class, we made focaccia, butterfly cake, and pear scones.

Served on one plate, the pear scones are served with date sauce. Dates are high in fiber and magnesium. For the butterfly cake, I filled it with jam made from blueberries harvested at Stan Farm. It is very cute cakes.

The drink I paired it with was pumpkin juice and Darjeeling Second Flush.

Pumpkin juice is something from Harry Potter, but I’ve never actually had it, so I made the Kura cooking original.

Another afternoon tea lesson was held in response to a request from a man who wanted to make a variety of sandwich afternoon tea.

I made a cutlet sandwich, a smoked salmon sandwich, a cucumber sandwich, and a ham sandwich.

Miso focaccia, Taiwan sponge cake, and pumpkin juice were also enjoyed by the guests.

It was such an exciting month for Kura Cooking.

We are always happy to have your support and to have so many visitors.

We will continue to work harder than ever and ask for your continued support.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the event. We apologize to those who had to decline due to scheduling conflicts. We look forward to seeing you again.

Kura Cooking Future Plans

Let’s enjoy Japanese food!

10/ 8, 9, 16, 17, 21, 25, 26, 11/11, 16, 19, 29

Let’s enjoy afternoon tea!

 10/ 15, 17, 20 ,21 , 11/ 4, 25, 30

Please contact us if you cannot make it.

Private lessons are also available.