Kura cooking in November

We had lessons with many Christmas ornaments in this month.

New music box advent calendar appeared this year. The music changes every day and the sound is beautiful.

All the students were excited as they listen to the music.

I served hot Roselle tea with honey. It is a really healthy drink.

We made Christmas dishes, but we served them in Japanese lacquered boxes.

Menu: Scotch egg/ Taro croquettes / Shrimp and broccoli salad with star crouton/ Roselle sushi/

Chinese cabbage soya milk soup/ Apple cake

Scotch eggs were very soft because of much tofu in it. Taro croquettes were white croquettes-like snow.

Shrimps were of very good quality so we ate it whole from heads to tails. We grilled heads and ate. We put star shaped crouton on top, they were so cute. Roselle sushi’s color was beautiful red, and we die out Christmas tree with paprika and green laver. Chinese cabbage soup tasted rich. Apple cake had a lot of apple inside. It was fresh.

We also tasted many kinds of apples with students who took some apples with him. It was so interesting.

Apple “Orin” was good for saute.

He enjoyed making tofu hamburg he requested.

Afternoon tea menus:Roselle scones/ Apple cake/ Egg sandwich/ Stollen/ Christmas tea from England/ Apple tea

We ate roselle scones with roselle jam and clotted cream. Egg sandwiches are famous in Japan. Every students looked happy to make them.

Christmas tea was little bit spicy so it made our body warm, it is good for this cool season.

From this month, I was selling some products that are made in Stan Farm.

There were butterfly pea teas. Roselle with honey and Roselle with vinegar.

I made them with a lot of love.

Thank you my students and everyone who always assist Kura-cooking and who visits my page on SNS.

Schedule in December and January

Let’s make Japanese dishes:

December(New year plate)January(spring plate)

12/11(Fri)・14(Mon)・16(Wed)・17(Thu)・28(Thu)・1/14(Thu) 15( Fri) 20(Wed) 21(Thu) 25(Mon) 26(Tue) 27(Wed)

28(Thu) 29(Fri)

Let’s enjoy Afternoon tea

12/9 (Wed)・12/15(Tues) 1/13(Wed) 27(Wed)

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