Kura cooking in October 2021

Aside from the class we held at the beginning of the month, where we processed a large amount of Scabbard fish and served it in a Scabbard plate (Pumpkin Uiro is for dessert)

October’s Kura Cooking was all about Halloween!

How many pumpkins did we use in our pumpkin-filled dishes?

We used 10 whole pumpkins!

The welcome drink was a lemon malt drink!

We enjoyed it with one with carbonated water, one with hydrogen water, and one with hot water.Each class had its own way of enjoying it.

Scabbard fish plate:

The class brought in freshly caught scabbard fish.

They worked hard to prepare a variety of dishes.

Sashimi, tataki, boiled fish, baked fish, teriyaki, rice cooked with scabbard fish, scabbard fish soup, fried fish, boiled scabbard egg, and pumpkin uiro!

They were all very beautiful and delicious!

The pumpkin dishes plate:

Pumpkin croquette, pumpkin salad, Chicken balls with pumpkin powder and purple sweet potato powder, rice cooked with pumpkin and sweet potato, soup with pumpkin gnocchi, and pumpkin uiro.

We enjoyed sweet, spicy and salty flavors of one pumpkin.

Afternoon tea class

Pumpkin brown sugar cake, lemon scones with lemon card, pumpkin pondequijo, basil sandwiches.

We also enjoy rooibos tea with pumpkin・sweet potato・chestnut, and trick-o-tea,

Lemon cards was really nice color and tasty.

Some classes dressed up in costumes during class.

They looked really happy!

It was a very fun month.

Thank you very much to all the students and supporters who know Kura cooking.

 Kura Cooking in November and December

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