Kura-cooking in June

Kura-cooking reopened in June after 2 months off.

I disinfected the room, students used bigger space as usual, wore masks, and acrylic plate.

One month had passed safely with the cooperation of students.

Fortunately, I gave a lot of classes for students this month. I had  2 private lessons, one was for foreigners, Spanish, English, and Vietnamese. They wanted to make dishes which they ate in Japanese restaurants. Chinese restaurants, Pub, and so on in Japan. The class was a completely tailor-made lesson.

The menu was funny, Mackerel rice, Chinese dumplings, Fried chicken. Teriyaki chicken, Beef udon, and Fluffy pancake.

They couldn’t eat all of them, so they took some left over home.

They enjoyed very much.

Another private class was fish cooking class. A students brought a lot of big fish which he caught.

He made Sashimi then cooked bones of the fish.

He also gave me 2 snappers.

I made a snapper rice, snapper soup, acqua pazza, and so on in some classes.

Kura-cooking is really free cooking school.

Students enjoy of this school, and I am excited. Kura-cooking is a wonderful school, isn’t it?

I had also regular Japanese cooking classes and afternoon tea classes.

I made special recipes which are time-saving and healthy

We made Sour chicken, Buckwheat salad, Taro paste like eel, Seaweeds rice, Sour plum soup, Maccha and tofu cake.

Sour chicken is cooked with vinegar and soy sauce, so it is good for summer. Buckwheat is one kind of super food, it had a good texture.

Seaweed rice was a good appetizer, we can eat a lot of it. Sour plum soup was easy to make and it prevent heat attack. Maccha and tofu cake was simple but tasty.

In afternoon tea classes, we made fig scones, Rolled Maccha cake, Shortbread cookies with thyme, Cucumber sandwiches, and tomato focaccia, Darjeeling first flush, and lemon glass herb tea.

We used individual Three Tiers. It was really cute.

In June Flap jacks which was made by Kura-cooking was sold in the British fair managed by mister partner in Tokyo. I was really happy and thank you everybody.

It is a very important information that Kura-cooking online recipes page has a new format (easy to understand).

Please watch them and cook at home.

Thank you my students and everyone who always helps Kura-cooking and who visits my reports on SNS.

Kura-cooking in July and August

Enjoy making Japanese cakes 7/22(Wed)・23(Thu)

Enjoy making Japanese dishes  7/27(Mon)・29(Wed)・30(Thu)・8/20(Thu)・22(Sat)・24(Mon)・


Enjoy making afternoon tea cakes 7/28(Tue)・8/19(Wed)・25(Tue)・31(Mon)

Mom and Kids cooking   8/26(Wed)

Private lesson is available. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.  https://kura-cooking.jp/