Kura-cooking in April

Kura-cooking in April was really calm.

The garden was blooming with spring flowers.

I was doing daily video streaming, thinking about new recipes, farming, and so on instead of cooking class.

Many people enjoyed video streaming and sent me a lot of message.

I was really grad to know that a lot of people made dishes from the videos I made.

I showed new recipes in the video cooking classes.

Potato was growing day by day.

Lemon flowers and orange flowers smell so nice..

Plums and Chinese quinces grow bigger and bigger.

Chamomile was full bloom. I drank chamomile tea every day.

Kura-cooking is closed in May due to the declaration of the state of emergency.

I was really sorry for people who made reservation.

Since we don’t know how the situation about the corona virus will be in the days, weeks, and months ahead, I might not be able to hold classes for a while. However, I will take reservation in case the situation improves.

I will continue to learn diligently about cooking.

Please take care of yourself.

See you soon~