Kura-cooking in March

Kura-coking in March

There are many kinds of classes for the month in March.

I’ve never had this kind of variety classes in one month.

The month of March came with lot of flowers in my garden, so I made different table flowers depending on classes.

Spanish lady and her Australian boyfriend came to Kura to make Nagoya dishes.

Menu: Shrimp tempura rice ball, Ball-shaped sushi, Miso cutlet, Cooked tendon with miso,Spiced grilled chicken wings, Shrimp ball soup, Uiro (Japanese sweets)

They enjoyed the experience so much that she came to Kura again at the end of March.

I was really happy.

Menu: Pork and egg rice bowl, Shiitake broth Chinese noodle soup (cooked egg was good),

Cooked pork and cabbage with miso, Shrimp dumpling, Pork dumpling, Sakura crepe cake

She wanted to make many dishes she has eaten in Japan. I understand her very well. When I lived in England, I was so eager to learn the cultures and recipes from English people.

I am willing to help her and anyone who is interested at any time.

In our regular class, we used a lot of marinated Cherry blossoms and leaves, then made many Cherry blossom dishes.

Menu: Sakura sushi, Steamed chicken ball covered with Sakura rice, Sakura potato dumpling,

Egg custard with Sakura, Sakura flavored dried radish and cucumber salad,

Sakura paste Japanese cake

We used a lot of strawberries or cherry blossoms in afternoon tea class.

Strawberry afternoon tea menu: Strawberry tea, Strawberry pudding, Strawberries and white chocolate scones, Strawberry rolled cake, miso focaccia, and broad beans focaccia.

Sakura afternoon tea menu: Sakura tea, Baby shrimp scone, Sakura crepe cake, Sakura French toast with Sakura syrup, Sakura sandwich paste,

A couple came to Kura to make Japanese sweets.

Maccha, Sakura dumpling, Sakura uiro, Wormwood dumpling

Kura-cooking was appeared in two magazine

I’m really happy that a lot of people contacted me from many places in Japan.

5 years have passed since Kura-cooking began. Kura-cooking is being supported by many people.

Unfortunately, Kura-cooking is close in 6th years’ April, because of the spread of corona virus.

However, I make videos on how to make some dishes and post them on SNS.

Please enjoy the videos and don’t forget to comment and share with your friends and love ones.

Since we don’t know the situation about the corona virus will look like in the days, weeks, and months ahead, I might not be able to hold classes for a while. However, I will take reservation in case the situation improves.

I will continue to learn about cooking diligence.

Please take care of yourself.

See you soon~