Kura-cooking in February

Kura-cooking in February

We had Miso making classes with regular Japanese classes and afternoon tea classes in February. Every year a lot of people who like miso made in Kura-cooking always come to Kura to make miso.We boil soybeans and mash it with our feet, then we mix salt, rice malt with love, and keep for a year. Every year I respect pioneers who started to make Miso.

Japanese dishes for Girl’s festival :

Every students loved recipes which were Miso mousse made with fresh miso and rice cooked with clam broth. The clams were from Kuwana in Mie prefecture..

Clams rice, Rolled chicken, Stir-fried lotus roots, Cooked turnip, lemon, and bacon like layers, soymilk and miso soup, miso mousse.

We’d better eat root vegetables in this season against flu.

There were a lot of ideas how to cook them. For example we cooked lotus roots with oyster sauce and balsamic vinegar, cooked root vegetables miso soup with soy milk, cooked turnip and bacon with lemon.

Miso mousse didn’t feel miso but it tasted rich.

We enjoyed strawberry’s afternoon tea.

We made Rolled strawberry cake, Strawberry pudding, Strawberry scone, Strawberry jam, miso focaccia, and blade beans focaccia.

We drank 2kinds of tea, one was strawberry tea which was also good with milk, and Nirugiri which is best season.

Every students enjoy spring one step ahead.

Kura cooking had exciting time with dolls for girl’s festival.

Thank you my students and everyone who always helps Kura-cooking and who visits my reports on SNS.

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Let’s make Japanese dishes:


Let’s make Afternoon tea dishes


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