Kura Cooking in July 2022

Kura Cooking in July was held after the rainy season, and we prepared the perfect menu for those whose bodies are still getting used to the heat!

Many students came to the kura for the Japanese cooking menu, the fish-cooking menu, and the afternoon tea lesson.

We prepared red Japanese basil juice as a welcome drink. It refreshed the students who came in the hot weather and took the heat off their bodies.

Japanese meal

Simple simmered fish with sansho (Japanese pepper) flavor, grilled eggplant with plum jam, lightly-pickled cucumber with baby sardines, rice with ume plum, yam soup with summer vegetables, and refreshing kuzu-kiri (arrowroots noodles)

The simple simmered fish with a lot of sansho (Japanese pepper) in it is very refreshing. Everyone enjoyed chopping the cucumbers. Refreshing plum rice is cooked with a lot of pickled plums. Yam soup with summer vegetables helps to store energy in the body. Refreshing kuzukiri (arrowroots noodles) is made with plum syrup instead of the usual molasses. The color was added by kompeito (kompeito sugar) from Midori-juan Kiyomizu in Kyoto.

Fish Plate

The students themselves caught the fish and served them in the dish.

Horse mackarel sashimi, pickled horse mackerel, horse mackerel bone cracker, simmered horse mackerel, eggplant with plum jam, grated yam soup, and ume plum rice.

The students were able to handle the fish very well, and the dish was beautifully prepared!

Afternoon tea lesson:

Blueberry clafoutis, oatmeal focaccia, Fresh soy beans scone and cucumber sandwich!

The tea was a herb tea made from herbs in our garden. Today I used lemongrass, lemon balm and mint.

The other tea was a rooibos tea with lemongrass.

The clafoutis with plenty of blueberries from the garden was very popular!

Fresh soy beans scones are a meal scone with lots of cheese. Perfect for summer!

We were able to finish this month with the support of everyone.

We are looking forward to seeing you again next month with more healthy recipes.

We look forward to your reservations.