Kura cooking in June 2022 

In June, we were busy harvesting plums, yams, and sweet plums, and after harvesting, we worked night and day to process them.

I gave plums and sweet plums to many students and friends, and they seemed to be pleased with them.

We also received an inquiry from Saitama Prefecture about roselle, and we sent her roselle seeds, roselle in syrup, salted roselle, and dried butterfly pea. I was very happy that she found Kura Cooking in internet.

This month, in addition to the regular Japanese food and afternoon tea classes, we also held a “young sweetfish plate” and “first time afternoon tea” class.

Ornaments for the classroom were prepared with a refreshing blue color scheme.


The welcome drink was a drink made from boiled and simmered plums with ginseng oolong tea. The soft and fragrant plums were a big hit.

The “young sweetfish plate” was prepared with only a few young sweetfish because not many sweetfish were caught this time. This is nature’s way of dealing with us.


Japanese dishes were prepared with “hot” and “humidity” in mind during the season of hydrangea. Students enjoyed making pickled green Japanese basil, and used the changing colors of butterfly peas as desserts to resemble hydrangeas, all in a friendly atmosphere. Wrapped pork with pickled Japanese basil, marinated celery and tomatoes for summer, simmered seaweeds and yam, rice with whole onions, dates soup, and white cloud ear mushrooms hydrangea style


For those who are experiencing afternoon tea for the first time

They made plain scone, butterfly pea cheesecake, Cucumber sandwich, and onion focaccia.


The regular afternoon tea lesson was a healthy afternoon tea again this month.

Bacon and Cheese Scones, Butterfly Pea Cheesecake, Oatmeal Bread, and Tomato Sandwiches.


All afternoon tea classes were served with Butterfly Pea and Darjeeling First Flush. We enjoyed the refreshing taste.

Many visitors came to Kura in June.

I also received many inquiries. We really appreciate your support.

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