The Rice Jubilee and the 60th birthday

This year, my father is 88 years old and I am 60 years old.

The Rice Jubilee and the 60th Birthday

I’m so grateful that my parents were able to celebrate together like this.

While the coronavirus was laying low, we also had this celebration.

My parents were so happy to be surrounded by their two great-grandchildren.

One of my great-grandchildren wanted to wear my 60th birthday outfit.

I put it on her and she was so happy! And it looks good on her.

We had yellow roll cakes for the Rice Jubilee, and red roll cakes for the 60th.

I made yellow sponge cakes with gardenia and red ones with Roselle.

I made the cream with drained yogurt so that my grandchildren could eat it.

I cut and wrapped the cakes one by one, and my grandchildren decorated them as if they were cakes.

Everyone was so happy to eat it and we had a happy time.