Harvesting Plums

Plum season has arrived!

Sweet aroma and sweet taste

This year’s harvest is expected to be quite good!

My husband(Farmer Stan), who celebrated his 63rd birthday, frantically picked plums on a stepladder!

He couldn’t catch them with the stepladder, so he climbed a tree!

As you can imagine, he had experience in tree climbing when he was a little boy.

He climbed up the tree and harvested without any danger at all.

Even after nearly two hours of harvesting, there were still some plums left.

It looks like we will be able to enjoy picking plums for a while.

Once we give these plums to our neighbors, they all become our fans.

Many of them look forward to this once-a-year gift!

If you would like to try some, now is the time to give them away.

Please come to the Kura. We are looking forward to seeing you.