Kura Cooking in 2023.3

In March, we continued our daily miso making, then my students enjoyed cooking.


We asked everyone about acrylic board and several groups went without acrylic boards this month.

We also put flowers on the table you have not been able to enjoy recently.

The ornaments in the room this month are cherry blossoms and Easter eggs. We had a variety of eggs for everyone to see.


The welcome drink was a yuzu drink. Even though the weather is getting warmer, it is still cold inside. We started the lesson after warming up the body from the core.


This month’s regular lesson is based on cherry blossoms.

Japanese food: rice cooked with sakura shrimps, sakura Chinese dumplings, sakura taro Dauphinois style, steamed cabbage with Sakura, soup with yam dumplings and sakura milk pudding


Afternoon tea: cherry blossom scones with Sakura sweet paste, cherry blossom leaf cakes, cherry blossom crumpets with Sakura sylup.


Request cooking: Healthy pork cutlet with sweet soybean paste, tenmusu, Chinese cabbage soup, strawberry daifuku


We had non-fried pork cutlet and plenty of cabbage with miso. Everyone enjoyed it!

We were pleased to have many students visit Kura Cooking this month as well, enjoying conversation while cooking and enjoying the delicious food.

We would like to thank not only the students who came, but also all those who support Kura Cooking behind the scenes.

We look forward to working with you in the future.