Potluck Party

I have been participating in English volunteer work for 24 years now.

We have 12 members.

The age of the members varies. Some of them are as old as my daughter.

But they all get along very well with each other.

After all, everyone is powerful in their own way.

We have potluck parties several times a year, as well as exchanging information after volunteer work.

We held the party at Kura after taking precautions against corona infection the other day.

The food was elaborately prepared by everyone.

While eating, we talked about various topics and recharged our energy.

Here is what I prepared.

Stuffed fresh green peppers with meat, salad of runner beans, rice cooked with seaweeds and salmon, mung bean milk zenzai (sweet soy bean soup)

I enjoyed the time I spent thinking about what to cook each time. I also enjoyed chatting with them.

I was happy to forget how old I am when I was with everyone.

It was a moment when I realized how happy I am to be supported by everyone like this.