COVIT-19 infection prevention measures

COVIT-19 is still spreading.

I want to go to any restaurants to eat, but….

I want to meet my friends, and talk, but….

I want to go somewhere and learn, but…..

There are many actions taken against COVIT19 in Kura-cooking for the students.

Ozone generator remove corona virus and other virus. It also kill virus and is good for sterilization.

Students disinfect their hands with alcoholic gel, then measure their body temperature.

There are Tabletop Splash Infection Prevention Table Partition on tables where we eat and drink to protect splash.

Every student wear a mask when cooking.

I also use a face shield.

There are a lot of paper towels in the powder room.

In class, we use a hydrogen water maker, so all water we use is from it to strengthen the immune system.

Of course, we avoid 3 Cs (Closed spaces, crowded places, and Close contact settings)

I can give you a private lesson and lesson for a few students.

Please come and learn in a safe place at Kura cooking

I’m waiting for you.