5 generations of women

My mother who was 81 years old came to Tokyo to meet her great granddaughter from Nagoya.

4 generations of women

She could buy her ticket by herself at the ticket window. She took hand -made dress for her great grand daughter, home-made food for her grand daughter, and delicious sweets tor me. We met at Shinagawa station. When I saw mother I was really happy. She was really active.

At the same time, I was really worried about my future. When I will become 81 years old( after 24 years), will I be in good condition? Will I have great grand children?
I thought I should keep fit.

feeding milk

She looked after her great grand daughter well. She said to her grand daughter,「 I can always come and look after great grand daughter from Nagoya. It takes only 2hours. Please call me anytime.」

Look at this picture! It’s a 31 years old picture.

5 generations of women

From right, the baby is my daughter, I , mother, grandmother, great grandmother. Yes, 5 generations of women!

I was 25years old, my mother was 49 years old, grandmother was 71 years, and great grand mother was 91 years old.

I think it is difficult to take picture like this in future. That’s why I hope my mother to always be healthy forever and my grand daughter to be robust!